Nablawave develops software capable of accelerating design and other processes within the company, automating the most repetitive phases and interfacing with other external software, such as CAD, Excel, text files, etc. The software performs in a few milliseconds an action that is usually performed manually by the designer in a long time.

  • Customize the product in a short time and at low cost
  • Fast delivery
  • Reduction of the costs of specialised design personnel

  • Reduction of design and control time
  • Enhancement of employees’ skills and creativity


Nablawave develops software able to simulate the operation of the customer’s process/product through the creation of a virtual engineering model, validated on experimental data. The coupling of the model with an optimization algorithm then allows to create new configurations with superior performance. This avoids the trial and error approach, which for complex products/processes can consume a lot of time and resources before obtaining satisfactory improvements.

  • Cutting inefficiencies in the production system
  • Continuously monitor industrial processes
  • Compare real and expected performance quickly and safely
  • Eliminate human error in data interpretation

  • Reduction of designing time
  • Reduction of production time and costs
  • Minimisation of downtime
  • The designer, starting from a set of configurations already optimised, will be able to select the most appropriate solution according to the importance he assigns to each performance parameter

Accomplished projects

Automatic tracking for all types of pipes.

A tool for the real-time airfoil aerodynamic performance prediction.