Mechanical design

We support our customers in all phases of mechanical design, starting from specifications and feasibility studies up to detailed design.

We aim to provide engineering services in various industrial sectors, such as aerospace, motorsport, wind energy, pumps and turbomachinery, maritime, oil & gas and power generation.

Some examples:

Technical consulting

We support start-ups and structured companies in the development of new products by coordinating project management, (re)design, engineering, problem solving and prototype construction.

Here is an example:

Numerical analyses

CFD fluid dynamics simulations

We are able to perform fluid-dynamic analyses in the automotive, aeronautical, piping, heating – ventilation – air conditioning (HVAC), pumps, turbines and turbomachinery, and energy sectors.

We perform CFD calculations of aerodynamics, turbulent flows, pressure losses, noise and cavitation.

We perform CFD simulations that model combustion, heat transfer, heating and cooling, by analysing heat transfer, conservation and loss.

All analyses can be coupled with our optimisation algorithms that modify geometries to increase performance.

Some examples:

FEM structural calculations

We use FEM finite element structural calculations to analyse structures in isotropic and composite materials and to verify stresses and deformations.

It is used in the design of plants, components, machines, in order to reduce weight, costs and risks.

Some examples:

Fluid-structure interaction

We can couple CFD simulations and FEM structural analyses to accurately model fluid-structure interaction phenomena.

These verifications are mainly used in the design of turbines and in the fields of marine and aeronautical engineering.

Other applications can be found in the biomedical field with the creation of models that simulate the behaviour of arteries, aneurysms and prostheses.

Here is an example:

Experimental tests

Design of experiments

We plan functional and effective experimental test campaigns:

  • we choose the most suitable type of test for the customer’s application
  • we choose the minimum number of tests that guarantee a high level of accuracy saving both time and costs
Test bench design, sensor selection, data acquisition

We design test benches to carry out the following types of experimental measurements:

  • mechanical: torque, force, tension, deformation, vibration
  • fluid-dynamic and thermodynamic: flow, pressure, temperature

We support the customer in the selection of measuring instruments, sensors, remote data acquisition and download modules able to allow real-time control of experimental tests.

Assistance during tests and trials

We provide support at the customer’s facility during experimental and bench tests to verify that the prototype meets the design requirements.

Some examples:

Custom tool development

Tailor-made software for engineering simulations

We program software that accelerates and automates the design process.

In this way, the designer spends less time on repetitive tasks and can take more time on complex and innovative projects.

Some examples:

Development of analytical models, algorithms and digital twin

We can develop simulation software that can estimate the performance of complex products, processes and systems.

We build digital models, or digital twins, of the environment or machine, providing information about the state and efficiency of the system.

These analytical models can be coupled with optimisation algorithms to obtain optimal operating parameters and efficient geometries.

Some examples:

Artificial intelligence for design and analysis

Design and artificial intelligence is not a very common combination.

At Nablawave, we develop software based on neural networks to accelerate design and simulation processes in the field of engineering.

Here is an example:

Software to automate industrial processes, eliminate inefficiencies and optimise performance


To automate industrial production processes, eliminate inefficiencies and optimise performance.

Nablawave R&D

R&D projects

To innovate products or processes, implement new ideas and not lose competitiveness in the market.


One day four young engineers joking about starting a company felt it was time to do so.
The ingredients were all there: high skills, organizational and entrepreneurial mindset, determination, and above all the desire to offer value and change the industrial world. Utopian?
Time has proven that utopy becomes reality.

CEO, Aerospace Eng. Ph.D.

6+ years exp. in aerodynamics and turbomachinery optimization

4+ years exp. in rocket motor design, simulation and testing

COO, Aerospace Eng. Ph.D.

6+ years exp. in engineering code development, gas turbine simulation and helicopter modelling

5+ years exp. in project management, commercial activity and EU funding 

CTIO, Aerospace Eng. Ph.D.

4+ years exp. in industrial project management

6+ years exp. in marine propulsion design and simulation, turbomachinery, hydropower

CTO, Mechanical Eng. Ph.D.

7+ years exp. in wind turbine design, fluid-structure interaction, using advanced coding and AI

4+ years exp. in building efficiency, HVAC simulations


We help our customers build extraordinary products and stay one step ahead of the competition.


An industrial world made up of automated processes and creative people.


“One man’s magic is another man’s engineering.” (Robert A. Heinlein)


A New Methodology For Determining The Optimal Rotational Speed Of A Variable Rpm Main Rotor/Turboshaft Engine System.

AHS International, 2013

Best Paper Award: A New Methodology For Determining The Optimal Rotational Speed Of A Variable Rpm Main Rotor/Turboshaft Engine System - AHS International, 2013


CAE Conference, 2018

Poster award CAE conference 2018


Smart Air Mobility – modelling of future intermodal operational scenarios and requirements for hybrid/electric aircraft.

Leonardo SpA, 2019

Premio INNOVATION AWARD Leonardo 2019: Smart Air Mobility - modellazione futuri scenari operativi intermodali e requisiti per velivoli ibridi/elettrici

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