CFD training

OpenFOAM introductory course

The course provides a 360° introduction to the features of OpenFOAM, the well-known open source CFD software.

Theory and practice

The theoretical lessons concerning the physics of modeled phenomena are associated with software explanation modules and practical test cases.

Customizable modules

Some modules are general and necessary to understand how the software works. Other modules can be activated on request.

Module 1.0 – Introduction to CFD

CFD theory, equations underlying computational fluid dynamics.

Module 2.0 – Introduction to OpenFOAM

What is OpenFOAM, a short introduction, folder structure, installation.

Module 3.0 – Meshing in OpenFOAM

Using the most common meshators associated with OpenFOAM.

Module 4.0 – Test case: Airfoil 2D

Simulation of a 2D wing profile, at different levels of difficulty.

Module 5.0 – Rotating Regions in OpenFOAM

Theory + Simulations with rotor and stator components. MRF and Moving Mesh approaches.

Module 6.0 – Multiphase in OpenFOAM

Multiphase theory + practical examples of VOF analysis.

Module 7.0 – Paraview

Main functions of Paraview post processing software.

Module 8.0 – Test Case on request

Simulation of a test case on request.

Training courses available on request:


OpenFOAM is a C++ toolbox to customize and extend software solutions for numerical simulation. It is based on the theory of continuous mechanics and is mainly used for computational fluid dynamics.

Corso OpenFOAM fluidodinamica computazionale

Ansys Fluent – CFX

Ansys, Inc. is a software house that develops and markets engineering simulation software.

Fluent and CFX applications are used to perform fluid dynamic analysis of any kind.

Ansys Fluent - CFX course for fluid dynamic analyses


MATLAB is an environment for numerical calculation and statistical analysis written in C, which also includes the programming language of the same name. It is the ideal software to model physical phenomena from an engineering point of view.

Corso MATLAB per modellare fenomeni fisici

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University of Padua: Introductory lecture to OpenFOAM® (workshop)

University of Padua: Airfoil2D in OpenFOAM® (workshop)